What can you expect from psychotherapy or counselling? Over my many years as a therapist, I have learned much from clients about what makes for a successful experience. Most important is a person’s sense of being understood; that the therapist “gets” them in a meaningful way. This means that my job is to listen well while bringing to bear my knowledge of what makes people tick and while allowing each person to “own” their own reality. It is also important that therapy be understood as a conversation between people. You bring your knowledge of your life to the table and between us we have an ongoing dialogue about what might allow you to move forward differently. Often, old hurts and stories get in the way and revisiting them is necessary to heal and remove obstacles to change. This can be painful and I have learned that it can only happen when people feel safe and attended to.  Creating the open and nurturing environment that makes change possible is also part of my job. But while therapy can be difficult, it is also an incredibly exciting and rewarding process.  Finally, it is important that people feel and believe that their therapist has the knowledge and skill to be of help. If this sounds like the kind of experience that you are looking for with a therapist, I encourage you to call or email for a short intake.  Over the course of the first weeks, we will together assess whether I am the right fit for you.

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Individuals:  $120.00

Couples:  $140.00

Please note that unlike Social Workers are exempt from charging HST

Sessions are of 50 minute duration unless otherwise contracted.  Clients are charged in the event of no-shows or cancellation without 24 hours notice.

Insurance:  Many insurance plans cover social workers.  Ask your insurer about your coverage.

Payment Options:  I ask my clients to pay at each session by cash, cheque or e-transfer.  A tax deductible receipt is provided at the time of payment.